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Busyness vs Productivity - What is the Ultimate Differentiator?

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What is more effective - busyness or productivity? The answer is (most likely always) going to be productivity, especially from a leader's POV. Now, what would you say is more common in the workplace - busyness or productivity? The answer is (most likely always) going to be busyness. 

So how do you differentiate between the two? The concept of staying busy in the workplace has commonly become intertwined with the idea of checking your emails, slack notifications, and project management platforms. We have almost been trained to feel productive after checking and responding to one or two emails or checking your LinkedIn messages, but really those activities don’t move the needle in the business. 

This is often caused by the ample notifications that we receive on a daily basis. Although notifications are effective when trying to reach the people you need to get a hold of. However, when these notifications become saturated with messages and updates that are not important, it then flips the purpose of the notifications. It tends to cause a constant cycle of getting pulled away from your work, checking your notifications, getting pulled into that channel, and ultimately straying away from the task hand. 

This is an interesting concept that we have been discussing with our team. Let us know what you think - what is the ultimate differentiator between busyness and productivity?