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How do you Build Connection in a World of Anonymity?

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Throughout the past two years of remote work, connections between employees have rapidly declined, as remote work has ramped up. The days of popping in to say hello or having a working lunch with your co-workers are now replaced with video meetings (Who wants more Zoom meetings lol?) and virtual chats. Due to this, organizations have set out to improve their company culture, primarily through anonymous feedback.  Let me know what you think, but don't tell me who you are. 

Our question is…is this way of thinking actually effective? Does anonymity really solve the issue at hand? Leaders should strive to have a company culture where feedback from any employee is not only welcomed, but also appreciated. There should be an open dialogue between various levels of co-workers that is centered around trust, feedback, and respect, rather than asking your employees to be anonymous in their thinking. We understand that introducing this into a culture that is comfortable in hiding behind “pulse survey” could feel very uncomfortable. That said we would encourage you to try using asynchronous video to poll your teams.

We believe that when leaders encourage their team members to be authentic in their communications, that’s where the real connection comes in. #freedomofspeech