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Top 5 Hacks to Engage Remote Employees- They are so easy....

Imagine a team where every employee is working day in and day out to achieve their goals, both personal and professional. Where the business gets discretionary effort (this is when the employee goes above and beyond for the team) and the employees love what they do. Imagine....

The possibility of creating a harmonious, high-performance team is possible but more realistic is employee disengagement. In a recent survey on employee engagement, it was found by Gallup that employee satisfaction is lower than ever today. Only 29% of American workers strongly agree that they have the resources they need to do their job right and less than half of employees are engaged in their work.

When employees aren't engaged, they cannot give more to your organization than the minimum required of them. This is why we are hyper-focused on employee engagement, especially for remote teams. 

As a side note, we have a free engagement survey you can have your team take. Contact us here to get this free assessment.

In a recent study from ‘workhuman’ (Globoforce), the top reason employees leave companies is due to not feeling appreciated by their employers. You change this. We can help :)

Let’s Look At The Top 5 Hacks to Engage Remote Employees

Employee engagement is how your employees feel they are valued, what about their contributions, are they being heard? Let’s look at 6 ways you can increase engagement.

  1. Ask for and listen to feedback- Keeping your remote workforce engaged is all about giving them the opportunity to voice their opinion. Feedback should be taken seriously. It should be noted they will watch to see if you take action or not. When employees feel valued, it makes a big difference in your organization. We help organizations get feedback at scale, that is digestible. 

  2. The gift of Wellness- This is both physical and mental wellness. Look to supply a gym membership or Peloton membership. Also focus not just on the physical benefits of wellness but also individuals' connection with themselves and others. This can be accomplished by stressing emotional well-being as much or more than physical health.  Watch for burnout due to exhaustion from overworking.

  3. Show Some Love-  Create a budget for spiffing up home offices. One of the best ways to keep your remote workforce engaged is by showing appreciation and compassion. You can do this by creating a budget or paying part of their monthly expenses! Think small items like flowers, cell phone bills, or weekly lunches ($10). 

  4. Show employees, you care- If you want to engage your remote workforce, show them that they are valued and respected. Give employees time boundaries such as healthy work/life balance which will help keep the team productive without feeling overworked or overwhelmed.  

  5. Use an asynchronous meeting platform- One way to increase employee engagement is by implementing asynchronous meeting platforms. That is because the use of asynchronous meetings has become more popular in recent years as businesses have started to move their employees from traditional offices to remote working arrangements. With fewer people physically present in the office, it has become increasingly important for leaders to find new and innovative ways to keep team members engaged and connected. Asynchronous meetings are one way to do this.

The world is changing and so are the ways we communicate. As businesses look for new tools that can help them maintain their culture and engage their remote teams, it is tough to beat Async Video.

We all can do something to impact your bottom line and your employee morale. With LoopingBack, leaders can communicate with their team in real-time, without disrupting productivity.

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